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Discover the healing power of nature!

Current dates for mushroom excursions

October / November 2023

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Herb hikes

For this year, the herb season is over.

Get to know and identify the exciting world of (wild) herbs and mushrooms on my walks and excursions.

As a wild herb and mushroom expert, it is my calling to reconnect you with nature and your self-healing powers.

My offers:

Mushroom excursions ♥

Mushroom excursions, Nicole Weimert, Kräuterzauberin

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Come with me – We will discover the different edible and poisonous mushrooms of our forests!

Herb hikes ♥

Herb hikes, Nicole Weimert

Info & appointments ♥

Together we discover, collect and discuss the currently growing medicinal and wild herbs.

Company events ♥

Company events, Nicole Weimert, Kräuterzauberin

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Herb hikes
Mushroom excursions

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