Who am I?

Hi, I am Nicole – the Kräuterzauberin 🌼

Nicole Weimert - Die Kräuterzauberin

As a herbalist with more than 40 years of experience, it is my calling to reconnect you with nature.

Get to know the plants, their effects and uses and thereby activate your self-healing powers.

Since my earliest childhood I have felt connected to nature and plants. When I was five years old (1980), I collected my first medicinal herbs with my grandmother and stirred ointment.
I am particularly fond of medicinal, witch and wild herbs.

In my workshops and on my herb hikes you will learn everything about collecting edible (wild) plants, their use, making ointments, creams and tinctures.

Herb hike

Since autumn 2022, you can also join me on a mushroom excursion .

On YouTube you can also see me live.

Besides my work as a herbalist, I am self-employed as a web / graphic designer. Check out my website.

Feel free to take a look ♥

Actual appointments🌼

Vouchers 🌼

If you would like to make someone happy with it, you are also welcome to order one from me. Voucher.