Good beginner’s mushroom

Bay Bolete (Imleria badia)

This beautiful mushroom is a typical beginner’s mushroom and is also popularly called brown cap or blue mushroom

In my opinion, it is in no way inferior to Cebs with its nutty flavour.

Boletes are generally considered to be beginner’s mushrooms, as no fatally poisonous mix-ups are possible with these mushrooms. There is the poisonous Devil’s Bolete, but this is easy to recognise and only causes stomach problems – or the inedible Bitter Bolete – but more on that later.

The fine velvety Hut has a light to dark brown colouring and is reminiscent of a chestnut (sweet chestnut).

The thick Stem is longitudinally fibrous and has no reticulation (this is where it differs from the inedible gall bolete).

The firm flesh is white to yellowish.

The tubes quickly turn blue under pressure (blue fungus). However, this is not always the case with very young specimens.

Further confusion can occur with other edible Boletes such as the Ceb, the Red Cracking Boletus or the Suede Boletus.

Occurrence: Mixed and coniferous forest. Likes to grow in moss, in any case that’s where I had the most finds.

I have also brought a few photos:

Imleria badia
Imleria badia
Imleria badia


Here too, as always:

The mushrooms presented here and their description NEVER represent a food release!!!! Please always consult a mushroom expert if you cannot determine a mushroom 100%! Because even 99% certainty can be fatal!!!

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