02th Oktober 2022, VHS Kropp

Unfortunately, I had to turn away interested people who had not booked.

Therefore, please always note and take seriously the advice that participation is ONLY possible with PRIOR REGISTRATION!

We really had, against all forecasts, super nice weather and really great finds.

I didn’t come to collect myself, but that wasn’t my job either.

I was fully occupied with determining, explaining and releasing or discarding baskets.

Here, too, as in the description of the mushroom excursion in advance: anyone who leaves the event without checking the baskets is acting on their own responsibility, even and especially if overaged mushrooms that have not been released are nevertheless picked up again and taken away!

We are all adults and anyone who knowingly ignores my warnings and decisions has to live with possible consequences!

Of course, I also brought along a few photos:

Clustered Bonnet

Clustered Bonnet
(Mycena inclinata)

Maroon Turnip

Maroon Turnip
(Rhodocollybia butyracea)

on tree trunk

Bay Bolete
(Imleria badia)

Sulfur Tuft, Toadstool, Kräuterzauberin, Nicole Weimert

Sulfur Tuft
(Naematoloma fasciculare)

This is what it can look like after a basket check. These mushrooms that have not been released are returned to the forest. Here they can continue to sporulate and some wild animals are also happy about this.

After the

Unfortunately, I didn’t get around to taking more photos.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for my great participants!


Here too, as always:

The mushrooms presented here and their description NEVER represent a food release!!!! Please always consult a mushroom expert if you cannot determine a mushroom 100%! Because even 99% certainty can be fatal!!!

see also under disclaimer


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