A surprise for the birthday

One of the most beautiful herb walks
This was the first time I was booked for a birthday surprise.

I was really excited when I got the request because I thought the idea was so cute. So we secretly arranged a date and meeting place and off we went on 24.05.2022, at 10 o’clock in the morning.

Although it didn’t look like it at first, the weather held until almost the end, we got a little wet towards the end, but that didn’t bother at all, the atmosphere was just great.

Unimagined qualities ...

We liked each other very much right away and that will probably not have been our last meeting.

We had an incredible amount of fun and good conversations.

It was a successful surprise for the birthday girl Elke.

I was very happy to meet such warm and great people like Elke and Benno.

Of course, I also brought a few photos:

We understand each other
When the birch calls ...
Fun must be had

A funny little video:

An ancient medicinal herb

There was really a lot to discover. Finally, of course, there was a surprise for the birthday girl.

Thank you so much, dear ones, for this wonderful morning.


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