International herb hike

International herb hike

Enchanting company event

ACO Group Germany

It was a very nice experience in every way ♥

Quite unexpectedly, I was booked by the ACO Group Germany for this great event in early spring.

So I was able to take 20 people from 6 different nations on a herbal walk in a beautiful place ♥

The communication took place in English and worked quite well, even if towards the end, one or the other term briefly slipped my mind.

A dear friend accompanied me and played driver, as I am not mobile at the moment. Thanks again for this.

At this event, in addition to countless delicacies, there were many different experiences for guests, such as

  • Owls and hawks of a falconry
  • Donkey hiking
  • Huskies
  • Fjord horses
  • Archery
  • Survival training and much more

Special thanks to the wonderful and very cordial company.

I am already looking forward to the next herb walk on 03 June 2023 ♥

If you would like to join, click here to book.

A few nice snapshots from this mega event ♥

A tasting from hawthorn

A tasting from hawthorn♥

Spindle tree shortly before flowering

Spindle tree shortly before flowering

Hmmm what a fragrance

At flowering time one stands in a cloud of fragrance

Very beautiful tulips as table decoration

Very beautiful tulips as table decoration

Guest shuttle

Guest shuttle

A part of the event area

A part of the event area

A mighty hawthorn

A mighty hawthorn with spindle tree in the foreground ♥

Little owl girl "Pebbles"

Little owl girl “Pebbles”from the falconry Damm ♥

Event WC

Even the toilet trolley was absolutely classy, I had never seen anything like it before ♥

Weather protection

Cozy weather protection ♥

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