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Common Puffball (Lycoperdon perlatum)
Found on 29.09. 2020

Another one of my favourites. A very tasty edible mushroom. Actually, all good-smelling and pure white puffballs are edible (not Boviste).
But there are a few things to keep in mind here as well:

Puffballs with a dark and not pure white colouring inside are never edible and/or poisonous!

In the case of the Common Puffball, the knobs/spines are pyramid-shaped, in one piece and easy to strip off.

The meat is very firm and provides a good consistency even after roasting. It resembles an upside-down bulbous bottle, hence the name.

Only use specimens that are snow-white on the inside!
Until now, I have always found it at the edges of forests or along paths.

Risk of confusion:
This fungus can be confused in a very young stage, among others, with the deadly poisonous Destroying Angel or with inedible/poisonous Bovists, such as the Common Earthball.

If you know your stuff, it’s very unlikely, but you should always be sure!

The Amanita mushrooms always have gills attachment inside, so you should cut through these mushrooms when identifying them.

Common Puffball, good edible mushroom. Kräuterzauberin, Nicole Weimert


Here too, as always:

The mushrooms presented here and their description NEVER represent a food release!!!! Please always consult a mushroom expert if you cannot determine a mushroom 100%! Because even 99% certainty can be fatal!!!

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