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Book a herb walk or a mushroom excursion with me!

Unforgettable experiences for your company. Herb hikes and Mushroom excursions

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Herb hikes


In a group of 10-25 people we go on a guided excursion into nature, where participants get to know different wild herbs and receive information about their use, properties and healing effects.

A tour lasts approx. 1 hour
Depending on the event, up to three tours are possible.

Mushroom excursions


During a mushroom excursion I teach the basics of mushroom science, the ecological connections, the different mushroom habitats and the importance of mushrooms in nature.

Participants have the opportunity to have their collected mushrooms identified and to deepen the knowledge they have acquired here in practice.

An independent, safe differentiation between poisonous and edible mushrooms is only possible to a limited extent after an excursion, without the corresponding prior knowledge, as this requires years of experience.

My mushroom excursions are suitable for both beginners and advanced mushroom lovers. A tour lasts approx. 1-2 hours and is limited to 25 participants.

All my events are available in German or English!



International herb hike