Castle garden and city forest

18. April 2023

A little spontaneous excursion ♥

Today I was out with a friend in the garden and forest of Schloss Gottorf.
In the well-kept grounds, there are lovingly arranged spring beds with botanical specialities.

Besides fragrant hyacinths in all colours, we also discovered
Hoop skirt daffodils, various anemones, Adonis florets, checkerboard flowers, meadowsweet and pink flowering raspberries

Hoop skirt daffodil, Schloss Gottorf

Hoop skirt daffodil

Lila Anemone

Purple Garden Anemone

It was almost more beautiful for me along the nearby forest path with its little stream.
Here, everything is still largely natural and the flora is correspondingly diverse.

I was very pleased to see the Arum maculatum growing wild here, which I have not yet discovered in the wild.

Blätter des Aronstab, Arum maculatum

Leaves of the spotted arum, Arum maculatum

Blüte des Aronstab, Arum maculatum

Blossom of spotted arum, Arum maculatum

Along the bank, besides both native species of spleenwort, there were also some spur-bearing shoots of giant horsetail.

Also impressive was a small group of redwood trees, lined with wood anemone, goutweed and lesser celandine.
The energy of these trees is indescribable and we just had to go there and say hello.

A plant that I find mysterious accompanied us the whole way back to the car: butterbur.

Giant Horsetail

Spur-bearing shoots of giant horsetail


The mighty butterbur

Mammutbaum 1

Beautiful redwood trees

Mammutbaum 2

… and many birches

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