First mushroom excursion 2022

On 11.09.2022 I was allowed to go on my first mushroom excursion.

My participants have also been on a herb hike in Jagel – thanks for that ☺

In contrast to other regions, just a little further south or east, there is not really much to be found here yet.

Nevertheless, we had 2.5 very nice and interesting hours in the forest in beautiful weather ☺

In addition to many Common Earthballs, Bonnets and Veiled Poisonpie, we encountered what felt like a million small and large frogs.

A brief word on our own behalf for a given occasion:

If you have made a firm commitment to an event and then can’t come, it would be nice to let us know. If the other participants and I wait in vain, this is unpleasant for both sides. I think that’s just the way it should be. Thank you very much!

Mushroom portraits:

Common Earthball (Scleroderma citrinum)

Common Earthball
Spore mass Earthball

The Common Earthball is inedible and poisonous to the gastrointestinal tract.
In the second picture you can see the spore mass in the sectional view.

Destroying Angel (Amanita virosa)

Amanita mushroom
Common Earthball

Beautiful, but deadly poisonous! The second picture shows one of the countless frogs.

Garlic Parachute (Mycentinis scorodonius)

Garlic Parachute

Suitable as a good spice mushroom!

Reddish or black-brown tough, hard stem with a lighter tip.

The gills are light brown, attached with intermediate gills.

The cap is mostly light brown to pinkish brown and matt, slightly humped or forked.

After a dry period, the dried “meat” may look fresh again, but physiologically it is not (any more). Smells intensely of garlic.

This mushroom can be dried very well and used as a mushroom powder. You can also cook it as a seasoning mushroom and remove it later.


Here too, as always:

The mushrooms presented here and their description NEVER represent a food release!!!! Please always consult a mushroom expert if you cannot determine a mushroom 100%! Because even 99% certainty can be fatal!!!

see also under disclaimer


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