Fullness ahead!

Today’s group also included 3 children aged 6-11.

The “big one” was probably not completely free with me, but I think in the end it was not quite so bad *laughs* 🙂

I love this time of year and now nature is already showing itself in amazing abundance – and more every week – until late autumn.

In the meantime, the wild lupines have also conquered large areas and the lilacs are blooming and smelling wonderful.

The wild mint on the bank has now also “hatched”. I am particularly happy about this, as she had not been seen in the weeks before.
It tastes very intense and also grows partly directly in the water 🙂

I was secretly hoping to find the first Mairitterlinge, but it will probably take a while, it’s been a bit dry for mushrooms lately.

Of course, I also brought a few photos:

Goosegrass, Galium aparine

(Galium Aparine)

Overgrowth by the lake, wild mint

Wild mint grows here, directly in and near the water!

Löwenzahn und Möhre

Dandelion and Wild Carrot


Path through the grove

The children were able to make an unexpected, exciting discovery …

… in a weeping cherry hung the bony remains of an animal. We were all puzzling over who the owner might have been, what could it have been?

Maybe a deer? I’m afraid I don’t know.

Knochenfund 2

As always, we were very lucky with the weather.

We were, with me, three adults and three children. Actually there would have been eight of us, but two participants postponed due to illness. This is very easy for me, just let me know one or two days in advance and then attend at a later date.

Many thanks to all involved, it was again a lot of fun.


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