Like a bird’s nest

Fluted Bird’s Nest (Cyathus striatus)

Found on 15.11.2020 in a harvested maize field.

I was so happy to find these tiny mushrooms for the first time. They only grow to a height of approx. 0.7 – 1.2 cm and grow on old wood and plant remains as Follow-up decomposer.

In the young stage, the fungi are still closed with a “lid”, the epiphragma.

Later, the 2-3 mm large, light grey to blue-black “globules”, the peridoles, can be seen, which contain the spores and are washed out by the rain when they are old.

This interesting, unusual mushroom reminds me of a bird’s nest and belongs to the agaricaceae family.

Occurrence: All year round. This fungus is inedible.


Here too, as always:

The mushrooms presented here and their description NEVER represent a food release!!!! Please always consult a mushroom expert if you cannot determine a mushroom 100%! Because even 99% certainty can be fatal!!!

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