Exploring the forest with children

26. September 2022

Today I was allowed to go on an exciting forest exploration with 21 children and two teachers from the second grade of the primary school in Fahrdorf.

Contrary to my habits, I was quite excited the night before. How do you think it will turn out? The first time with so many children?

But it soon turned out that I was unnecessarily worried about what I could (and could not) show the children.

At 8 o’clock in the morning we gathered at our meeting point in a natural forest in Schleswig.

Although it rained a little, everyone was in a good mood. The children were happy to explore the forest and the two young teachers had everyone(s) well in hand.

For their protection, there are no photos of the children here, but I have captured a few impressions of the forest for us.

Autumn forest

The forest is so beautiful in autumn, with its colourful leaves ♥

Wood frog

Frog or toad?



Maple Leaf

Maple Leaf



The bright, interested children found countless frogs as well as leaves and forest fruits in all variations.

I think I was able to answer most of the questions in a child-friendly and creative way.

Yellow Stagshorn
Oyster Mushroom
Whitch's Egg
Porcelain Fungus
Amanita mushroom

The many different mushrooms remained in the forest, of course, I don’t want to be responsible for identifying mushrooms in this age group.

Nevertheless, they are beautiful to look at and the one or other non-toxic Hoof Fungus was allowed to be taken as a cover.

I would like to thank the Fahrdorf primary school, the children and of course the two teachers for this wonderful experience.


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