Beautiful experiences

Very nice herbal course with five great women and delicious food.

When we started it was still a bit cool and overcast, but then it got warmer, albeit changeable – a mix of sun and clouds.

I had known two of the participants for a long time and a certain familiarity quickly developed with the other three women.
I was allowed to tell a lot about the wild herbs and their effects and we also exchanged many other things. It was very fulfilling.

After a short stay at the lake, we decided to have a coffee and something to eat somewhere, so we set off again to the water ski lift. As soon as we arrived, a downpour hit us, so we were really lucky again.

All in all, it was another very nice herb walk. Before we went to dinner, I gave my participants their folders (unfortunately I forgot to take photos again) and two participants their ordered face creams.
When we left, the weather was nice again, so we got to the cars dry.

Of course, I also brought a few photos:

Nicole Weimert, Die Kräuterzauberin
We understand each other
Nicole Weimert, Die Kräuterzauberin
Nicole Weimert, Die Kräuterzauberin

As we were quite hungry by now, we had delicious food and drinks there, with a beautiful view of the water and the little “storm”.

It’s nice there in the catering area of the water ski facility in Jagel.

Everything very lovingly prepared and great owners.


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