A great day!

a different kind of herbal course with wondrous twists and wonderful encounters. 💞

We started at 11 am at Hingsmoor, in the best weather and the variety of plants was great, so I was allowed to tell a lot about them.

At the end of the actual course, we sat down at “my” secret lake for a picnic, drumming and bathing.

Of course, I also brought a few photos:

Nicole Weimert, Die KrÀuterzauberin
Fun must be had
Nicole Weimert, Die KrÀuterzauberin

A short time later, a woman with a bicycle joined us – we immediately felt we were like-minded people – and a little later, friends of hers with a dog joined us (we are all still friends today).

As we were very hungry, we (my participant and I) got some freshly baked redcurrant cake and coffee from my house.

Nicole Weimert, Die KrÀuterzauberin

At some point, to end the beautiful day, we set off to the nearby water ski lift for a bite to eat and a drink.

Nicole Weimert, Die KrÀuterzauberin
Nicole Weimert, Die KrÀuterzauberin

It was a wonderful end to the course and the planned three hours turned into six or seven – heartfelt thanks for that.

Finally, there was a greeting from the kitchen (iced elderflower lemonade with lemon and mint). 🙂

Heartfelt thanks to my participants for the beautiful day.


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