27th March 2022

The greenery is still very sparse, but there was still plenty to discover and discuss.

We set off in a small group and the still cool weather surprised us again and again with sunshine in the early morning hours.

We had great pleasure in discovering the first little plants of garlic rhubarb and some lesser celandine before the flowering season.

This weekend (02 and 03 April) it starts again. Please register with me in good time (one day before) so that I can make my wonderful folders for you.

Of course, I also brought a few photos:

Garlic rhubarb week 12

Garlic rhubarb
(Alliaria petiolata)

Ribwort, week 13

Ribwort plantain
(Plantago lanceolata)

Lesser celandine week 12

Lesser celandine
(Ranunculus ficaria)

Goutweed, week 12

(Aegopodium podagraria)


(Galium aparine)

Wild garlic

Wild garlic
(Allium ursinus)


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