A typical winter fungus

Velvet Shank (Flammulina velutipes), simmilar to Enoki

A visually very beautiful mushroom with its bright orange hat and dark, velvety stem.

Excellent edible and vital mushroom, cultivated on a large scale in Japan as a medicinal mushroom, where it is called enoki.

Occurrence: From September to April, growing in clumps on deciduous wood (subsequent decomposer), very rarely on coniferous wood, usually appears after the first frosts.

Winter fungus, medicinal mushroom, Enoki
Winter fungus, medicinal mushroom, Enoki

Cap: 2-12 cm, first hemispherical, later flat, shiny honey-yellow or orange, later turning brownish with darker centre and lighter edge.

Stem: filled when very young, then hollow, dark brown and velvety-felty.
The stem is actually only suitable for mushroom powder.

Naturopathy and TCM: contains a lot of vitamins and strengthens the immune system. It is said to have antihypertensive and anticarcinogenic effects The mushroom contains inulin and could therefore also be interesting for diabetics (blood sugar lowering).

Risk of confusion:

  • Deadly Galerina (Galerina marginata) – deadly poisonous
  • Sulphur Tuft (extremely bitter)


Here too, as always:

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