Was lucky

After it had been raining cats and dogs all night and up to half an hour before the start, I was really curious how this hike would go.

And indeed we were lucky again, we only got wet from below, from the high grass at the place of action.

So, in a small group we started punctually at 10:00 am and it turned out to be a wonderful, exciting hike with great people.

Meadow goatsbeard, bud

Meadow goat’s beard, bud

very rare to find


For example, we were also able to find the meadow goatsbeard, which is very rare here. This pretty plant can be recognised by its small, bright yellow, ray-shaped flowers and the oversized dandelions. Unfortunately, due to the rain, these were no longer to be discovered, but we were still very happy about this plant.

The St. John’s wort has formed buds in the meantime and will probably start to flower in the next few days, then it is collection time again for the coveted red oil.

Heartfelt thanks to my participants for this wonderful morning.


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