Wild garlic and wild herbs

A few years ago I asked myself how I could preserve these wonderful first wild herbs in another way – apart from the usual pesto, a vinegar or oil, or as dried herbs.

Wild garlic in particular is rather unsuitable for drying. It loses most of its flavour. Freezing is also possible, but it takes up a lot of space.

So these wonderful salts found their way into my kitchen and since then I can’t imagine life without them.


  • Wild garlic and/or wild herbs (1-2 hands full)
  • Pink Himalayasalt (by feel)
  • Baking paper
  • Oven or dehydrator.


Wash the wild garlic / wild herbs, pat dry well and chop coarsely.

Wash the wild garlic / wild herbs, pat dry well and chop coarsely.

Spread the salt out on baking paper and dry in the oven or in a dehydrator at 40°C for approx. 5 hours.

Leave the oven open a crack.

Photo spread:

Wild garlic

Wild garlic (Allium ursinum)

Wilde Petersilie

Ground ivy (Glechoma hederacea)

beloved dandelion

Dandelion (Taraxakum officinale)



This time I used ground ivy, goutweed, dandelion, willowherb, burdock ragwort and wild garlic for my wild herb salt.


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