Herbal workshop

23.04.2022, Volkshochschule Kropp

My first herb walk followed by a workshop.

There were eleven participants for the hike and five interesting personalities for the workshop.

Almost everything didn’t really go as planned, but it was still quite good.
Since we didn’t really find much, especially not what we were looking for, we just made the best of it and conjured up herb vinegar, herb oil and pesto in the kitchen.

Photo spread:

Teilnehmer Wanderung


Wild herbs

Wild herbs

In search of the non-existent wild leek, we found “Japanese knotweed” and dared an experiment. It is supposed to taste like asparagus when cooked. Hmm well, not really 🙂

Am Werkeln
Pesto und Essig

In the end, a very nice participant drove me home with all my “stuff” and afterwards I fetched my bike and did a few things in town.

My folder and the homemade wild garlic salts also went down well.


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