Making beautiful things from nature …

26th February 2023

… and process valuable raw materials …

In the morning around 9am a dear participant picked me up with all the precious oils, herbs and essences and we drove to the agreed meeting point.

By the time we had unloaded and set up everything, the other participants were gradually arriving.

From my side it was a bit chaotic this time, as I forgot one or the other ingredient, something like that has never happened to me before, but with a little improvisation it was manageable 🙂

The participants were all totally lovely and very interesting people. It was really fun.

For dinner, there was a small buffet that I had prepared the night before:

– Apple curd cake
– homemade party buns
– Wild garlic and herb butter
– various spreads
– Fruits

In a cosy atmosphere we made all kinds of beautiful things, for example:

  • Face creams
  • Ointments
  • Massage oils
  • Body butter
  • Anti-mosquito bars
  • Lip balms
  • Inhalation pens
  • Cold balm

The recipes for these could also be found in my little folder that each participant had received.

At the end, each participant received a few of the first wild garlic plants, fresh from the forest.

I would like to thank my participants very much and I am already looking forward to the next workshop on 25 June 2023 (herbal hike with workshop: culinary and healing) ♄

If you would like to join, click here to book.

Of course, I also brought along a few photos:

Material und Rohstoffe

A small part of the raw materials and materials

Recipe folder

Recipe folder

Buffet, Natural Cosmetics Workshop

The buffet was gladly accepted

Ointments and macerates

Ointments and macerates

Body butter

Body butter

Mitbringsel, Baerlauch

Souvenirs for the participants

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